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WindAid Institute provides volunteer projects in Peru for people taking a gap year, career break, retirement or time out from education, employment or training. Tailor-made programs to suit specific requirements can be arranged with university and educational programs, corporate programs and programs for youth organizations to better meet their expectations.

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Dear Volunteer,


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the WindAid Institute team has implemented a series of measures in order to maintain the well-being of the permanent team, community members, volunteers, and all other involved peoples & partners to safely reopen our doors to volunteers  in 2021.

We gladly take the responsibility to adhere to the advice of the World Health Organization, CDC Officials and the Peruvian government seriously and proactively. We are stepping up our normal operating practices, and are taking other mitigating measures to lower the risk of any exposure to COVID-19.

These are our safety policies:

  1. We will only approve attendance for volunteers from countries that are no longer considered as “high risk” from the world wide ban list.
  2. Volunteers must do and show us a test of getting vaccinated against COVID-19 or a certificate with a result of negative a maximum of two days before getting to his/her flight to Peru.
  3. We will not approve attendance for volunteers who are “high risk” for themselves if they get infected with COVID-19, according to the WHO.
  4. WindAid may postpone its programs as it wishes whenever for the sake of the good health of its communities, employees and / or volunteers.
  5. The volunteer has a transferable position (date same as person) for the term of 48 months for any reason.

All these policies are considered extremely important to follow up. Also, please check our Terms & Conditions.

We hope that this brief description and the policies we have in place are able to demonstrate how important WindAid holds your well-being, and that of all of the people we come in contact with providing designing electrification projects with rural communities using wind & renewable energies.

We will only approve attendance for volunteers from countries that are no longer considered as “high risk” from the world wide ban list.

WindAid Institute is and always has been a not for profit volunteer run organisation. Without the dedicated support of our volunteer network around the world, we would not be able to keep our lights on or lighting up other lives. Our organisation runs on donations and funds provided by volunteers attending the programs and while we are empathetic to the plight of many other NGOs facing a similar situation during these uncertain times, we ask that you kindly consider donating. Every dollar goes directly to the organisation in the form of paying the employees and ensuring programs are set up and continued for next year.

Looking forward to 2021, we aim to reopen stronger than ever, pending once again the advice of world health officials, the CDC and the Peruvian government. Please refer to this page for the tentative 2021 dates. We strongly advise reading more about our past volunteers and the projects WindAid has ongoing and completed over the years.

Stay safe and continue lighting up a life……from a distance.

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