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The Power of Wind Turbines

Posted on August 5, 2015 by Jessica Rivas We’ve all driven by a wind turbine farm on the freeway and looked up in wonder. What are these alien-like contraptions that are taking up this entire hillside? They are quite unique, which makes the first, second, or third time seeing them while speeding along on the Read More

Northampton and Pasto Ruri

NCC students make world record in Peru

Share this in one click! World Record in Peru “A handful of students from Northampton Community College, traveled thousands of miles over the summer to a remote village in Peru, to install a wind turbine. 8 students and 2 faculty members from Northampton Community College decided to take a different summer trip of sorts to Read More

Ledith del Aguila

Ledith del Aguila Silva : Playa Blanca Community Member

Share this in one click! “Espero que mi comunidad se ajunte y reciba esta nueva tecnología que es natural y saludable.” “I hope my community comes together and receive this new technology that is natural and healthy.”


Dora Ip : Canada – Technical Sales Engineer at Electrometals

Share this in one click! “I could not have asked for a more phenomenal and freeing experience than what I had accomplished with WindAid. I met so many amazing and interesting people, built up my Spanish skills, got to include an insanely braggable gem of a life-changing experience to my personal CV of adventures, and Read More


Genny Pang: Engineer at Munich-Germany

Share this in one click! “I learned so much during my participation in WindAid’s programs, including how to build a wind turbine, methods for getting support to advance social entrepreneurship programs, and about the lives of Peruvian families living in both rural and urban areas. I always tell people the aspects I liked the most Read More


Welcome to WindAid Institute !

WindAid Institute provides volunteer projects in Peru for people taking a gap year, career break, retirement or time out from education, employment or training. School and educational programs, corporate programs and programs for youth organizations can be tailor-made to suit specific requirements.