Genny Pang: Engineer at Munich-Germany

“I learned so much during my participation in WindAid’s programs, including how to build a wind turbine, methods for getting support to advance social entrepreneurship programs, and about the lives of Peruvian families living in both rural and urban areas. I always tell people the aspects I liked the most about my time in Peru are the people I met and the warm and welcoming Peruvian culture that I had the privilege to experience.”

Lorena Rojas: Florida-USA, University of Florida

“Working in WindAid helped me gain vast knowledge about coils, circuits, electricity, and the entire process that goes behind physically constructing a wind turbine. I learned about the importance of work ethic in this program and overall greatly improved my abilities to work in a team setting.”

Antoni Chrobot: New Jersey-USA, Renewable Energy at Penn College of Technology

“WindAid is basically an oasis in the Peruvian deserts. In an area of the world so barren, dry, and lifeless, WindAid does it’s job of bringing abundance to the planet. Abundance in the form of clean energy, friendly people, and opportunity for all the communities it impacts. I must say that my experience with WindAid has shown me what a difference can be made with a handful of volunteers, a month of hard work, and a will to help people. I wish to carry on this idealogy that WindAid has exposed me to as I study Renewable Energy at Penn College of Technology.”