Amy Crum : Scotland – Masters in Sustainable Engineering: Offshore Renewable Energy at Strathclyde University

“… After graduating I wanted to travel, but I needed work experience. I decided to visit Peru, see Machu Picchu, ‘find myself’ and on the way I’d drop by and do some volunteering. But WindAid turned out to be so much more than that!

The highlight of Peru was not trekking the Andes, nor surfing, nor visiting Inca ruins. It was finding myself a family- a group of people to laugh with and cherish every moment. It was stammering some newly learned Spanglish to attentive Peruvian children. It was witnessing first-hand the effects of climate change and coastal erosion. It was my first time engineering hands-on with a real, physical product.

Most of all, it was seeing the community of Playa Blanca being able to eat dinner, not in the dark or by candle light, but with lights powered and installed by WindAid. It was seeing that even me – a lucky graduate with no experience – can have a role in ‘lighting up’ these families’ lives.

I can’t thank WindAid enough for how it has changed me: my priorities, my confidence and my future. I absolutely recommend it to anyone and I absolutely will be returning… if they let me!…”

Studied Biomedical Engineering at University of Glasgow

Enrico Via : Italy – Energy Engineering at Politecnico Di Milano

“If you are stuck in your boring daily life, and you want to do something special, take the first airplane to PERU!!! There you will find a new family, new brothers and sisters, with whom you will grow and do memorable things that you will keep for the rest of your life!!! This is what I found in WINDAID, a family made by nice people, always ready to help you and share with you incredible experiences. I cannot forget how many laughs I had with the WINDAID Team. The installation at Playa Blanca, there are no words to express what that place means to me. There aren’t places like that in the world. It seems that there the time stops and you can find the purity and sincerity, often our civilized society does not have, in the children’s beautiful eyes. I absolutely did not think to find in this experience all these amazing things, and it is for these reasons that I want to advise you all to join this volunteering project because you will not only help those beautiful children, but also will help yourself understand and find what it is really important in your life…because there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.”

Lucy Rees : England – Sustainability Consultant at RES Design, Long & Partners

“WindAid’s positive impact on the communities it touches is clear to see, making working with like-minded people to raise awareness for sustainable energy solutions indescribably rewarding. On top of this, I also advocate joining the WindAid family if you are looking to boost your CV. The skills I gained at WindAid and passion for environmental issues this demonstrated were invaluable in getting me where I am now- working as a Sustainability Consultant for building developments in London. I started applying to graduate jobs when I returned from Peru. Stories from the workshop and installations (particularly achieving a turbine installation on top of a 10 meter high tower in darkness at midnight…) were a genuine demonstration of my drive to work in sustainability. For anyone looking for a unique CV talking point – WindAid is it! Above all, I met some of the craziest and most interesting people, who I still keep up with today, over a year later and scattered across the globe. WindAid’s sustainability ethos is on-point – a bottom-up approach making a real difference by focusing on education, promoting the power of local actions to evolve into global ones. I can only apologise to the man sitting next to me on my flight home– I couldn’t stop crying!” MSc Environmental Engineering at University College London

Dora Ip : Canada – Technical Sales Engineer at Electrometals

“I could not have asked for a more phenomenal and freeing experience than what I had accomplished with WindAid. I met so many amazing and interesting people, built up my Spanish skills, got to include an insanely braggable gem of a life-changing experience to my personal CV of adventures, and give the sincerest and most-deserving Peruvian community the gift of energy. Not to mention I got to eat the juiciest freshest fruits I’ve ever tasted in my life!! I encourage you with all my heart to join WindAid, be a part of this amazing organization and allow yourself to say you did something incredible for yourself and many many others.” – Chemical Engineering (Environmental Opt) in the University of British Columbia

Alan Martin Almendras Guzman : Bolivia – Ingeniero Electrico en la Universidad Tecnica de Oruro

 ” “Energia limpia que mueve nuevas generaciones” Despues de mi busqueda por internet y la ayuda de un amigo llego a realizar el voluntariado en WINDAID una experiencia unica, que muestra que es posible llevar el derecho de acceso universal de la energia electrica a cada uno de los hogares que hace muchos años viven al margen de esto. Pero no solo es llevar energia limpia, renovable y accesible a cada familia, si no es abrir una puerta al mundo del conocimiento a generaciones futuras. Trabajar, conocer, aprender, viajar, y ganar lo unico que te hace feliz “la sonrisa y felicidad de cada familia al saber que apartir de ese dia ellos no viviran mas en tinieblas, pero por otra parte la satisfaccion que sientes cuando con hechos puedes hacer felices a muchos NO TIENE PRECIO. “EL LIMITE ES EL CIELO, Y EL VIENTO LA ENERGIA QUE MUEVE AL MUNDO” “