Eamonn Fetherston: Virginia – USA, Music Journalist

“Spending a month working with a team of like-minded individuals who are committed to building a sustainable future and bringing renewable energy to disadvantaged communities was an experience I am certain never to forget. Unlike many of WindAid’s volunteers, I do not have a background in science or engineering. Because of this, I suspected that I might have trouble participating in some aspects of the project. My assumptions couldn’t have been more wrong, as the WindAid team immediately made it clear that they would teach me everything I needed to know along the way, and that volunteers with non-science backgrounds are often capable of bringing a fresh perspective to the build and installation processes.

Installing a turbine at Playa Blanca, the fishing village in which WindAid had installed several turbines already, was an incredibly rewarding experience. After witnessing what day-to-day life looks like for a community in which many members lack regular access to electricity, I came to understand more clearly than ever before the crucial role renewable energy will play not only in ensuring that our future is a sustainable one, but in providing aid to impoverished communities around the world.”

Lucy Rees : England – Sustainability Consultant at RES Design, Long & Partners

“WindAid’s positive impact on the communities it touches is clear to see, making working with like-minded people to raise awareness for sustainable energy solutions indescribably rewarding. On top of this, I also advocate joining the WindAid family if you are looking to boost your CV. The skills I gained at WindAid and passion for environmental issues this demonstrated were invaluable in getting me where I am now- working as a Sustainability Consultant for building developments in London. I started applying to graduate jobs when I returned from Peru. Stories from the workshop and installations (particularly achieving a turbine installation on top of a 10 meter high tower in darkness at midnight…) were a genuine demonstration of my drive to work in sustainability. For anyone looking for a unique CV talking point – WindAid is it! Above all, I met some of the craziest and most interesting people, who I still keep up with today, over a year later and scattered across the globe. WindAid’s sustainability ethos is on-point – a bottom-up approach making a real difference by focusing on education, promoting the power of local actions to evolve into global ones. I can only apologise to the man sitting next to me on my flight home– I couldn’t stop crying!” MSc Environmental Engineering at University College London