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Due to covid-19 restrictions, preventing volunteers from attending our in person programs in 2020, we are launching a pilot remote online program, starting with 2 day courses and eventually delivering full on 1-2 weeks courses with projects, certifications and huge discounts for the in person program if certified from the online training.

These courses will provide some of the theoretical education received when attending the in person program in Peru. Thus you can take these as standalone from anywhere in the world (with a proper internet connection) and use the material learned to affect your own communities and regions OR leverage that learning back to the in person program and receive a discount since your knowledge would be valuable to the program, allowing you to focus more on practical development and exploration while in Peru.


All sessions are LIVE and INTERACTIVE, delivered by real experts (and former or current volunteers) in their field.

Class size is limited to 30 people allowing for networking and interactivity among participants.

Day 1 : May 15th, 2021

  • Intro to Renewable Energy

Nick Warren, Co-Founder and former Executive Director of WindAid Institute will touch briefly on what renewable energies are before launching into a practical explanation of their direct benefits at a micro-level from first-hand accounts of off-grid renewable (especially wind energy) designed and installed in Peru. Indirect benefits of palpable renewable energy work for engineers, rural communities, students, and young professionals will be discussed from a micro & global mindset. Some time will be left for discussion, and attendees can get any questions answered/comments directly addressed by Nick for up to a month after attendance.

  • Small Scale Solutions / Microgrids

José Armando is passionate about renewable energy and science. His a Mechanical Electrical Engineer and co-founder of the organization "Microgrids for Sustainability”. He has experience in the photovoltaic industry and has done research stays at the CINVESTAV in Mexico, at the Balseiro Institute in Argentina and in other countries. He has participated in several international events, including the Wind Empowerment Conference 2018 in India, the Student Energy Summit 2019 in London and the IRENA Youth Forum 2020 in the United Arab Emirates. He will deliver an overview of microgrid design and case studies on their real world implementation in Peru and other regions.

  • Founding and Funding Panel Discussion + Q&A

Yoann Rey Ricord is the founder of AKUU, an NGO based around the conservation and awareness of the Amazon Jungle. He was a former long term volunteer at WindAid Institute and proceeded to start his own NGO afterwards with help from his connections and learnings at the institute. Ask questions and hear about his experience and challenges in starting an NGO and gaining fulfillment through this process.



Day 2 : May 16th, 2021

  • Open source design and manufacture of wind turbines (in your garage)

Kick off Day 2 with a session from WindAid Institute's Head of Engineering, Ross Picken. We aim to introduce to you the principles of converting wind energy into electricity and how to build our turbines with off the shelf materials. Along with this overview, we will also explore Windaid's process of 'backyard' turbine building that was developed over the course of a few years by our volunteers, industry and academic partners. The goal of this session is to inspire you to build your own wind turbine in your community or househould and promote the development of open source technology.

  • Resource & Community Assessments for Micro Renewable Systems

This session is a high level technical overview delivered by Windaid's Chief Electrical engineer, Stuart Llewellyn developer of the in house remote monitoring system and photovoltaic design engineer for a UK council's de-carbonisation PV project. When developing these projects for the community it is critical to first understand the energy expectations and needs of the community. Saving cost as an NGO or limited funding group requires looking at low cost and open source methods for resource data collection. Final part of this assessment process if the selection of a renewable system based on the human and natural aspects

  • Social Entrepreneurship Panel Discussion + Q&A

WindAid's founder, Michael Verkamp will discuss recognizing opportunities in, and the rewards of, social entrepreneurship. How do you fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, and environmental issues? How did WindAid evolve into a volunteer driven international organization? Experiences and concepts that you can apply to a wide range of organizations.

Micahel began work in sustainability  in 1984 with research and development projects utilizing combustion engineering which successfully reduced fuel consumption by 50% in wastewater treatment incinerators.

He later became the founder and co-founder of two non-profit organizations which continue to provide locally produced clean energy solutions to remote schools, medical posts, and villages across the globe. His organizations have won several international awards, been the subject of two documentaries, and holds a Guinness World Record.

His pioneering technological developments in renewable energy have been adopted in more than 18 countries by various businesses, Governmental Organizations, Universities, and NGO’s. After over 10 years in South America, he returned home to Indiana to help his fellow Hoosiers find practical energy solutions – while reducing carbon footprints, improving lifestyles, and preserving resources. He is proud to be part of the Rectify team, and primarily works as an Energy Consultant creating practical solutions for our clients.




Full two day course - $65 USD

1 Day course - $40 USD

Each course (if you want to take it individually) - $20 USD

*All fees go directly to funding the ongoing community projects



All monies paid count directly to a proportional discount for the in-person program

Native Peruvian or indigenous community member - 40% off

Native Spanish speaker - 10% off



Send an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you asap.


Covid has robbed us of a lot of time but we can adapt. Use the lockdown time wisely to prepare for the in person programs or helping your own communities!