Michelle Marie Farhat: Environmental Engineering at Johns Hopkins University

“I came into WindAid thinking that I’d learn a little about wind turbines and a help a community in need while getting to practice my Spanish and travel to Peru. While that’s what´s on paper, I can’t even begin to put into words how far above and beyond that description of this program goes and how this experience has forever changed my life. All of the volunteers and leaders came together right off the back and really became a family, which is why I think we all worked so well together and were able to make such a great impact on the Peruvian communities we got to work with. But what was even greater was getting the chance to not only interact, but actually become part of those communities, if only briefly. Whether we were working together to install the turbine, or taking a break by playing some fútbol, we were all on the same “team”, and that sense of unity is what really made this program unforgettable for me.”

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