WindAid Institute Experience

Before joining us in Trujillo, Peru it can be hard to imagine and understand what exactly you will be doing as a volunteer. In order to envision the impact that you can have on the communities as well as see where you will live, work, and play, we invite you to watch some videos and photos from WindAid Institute Alumni. Get ready to live their journey and prepare for your own!

Sofia Garin - October 2017 - Playa Blanca
Sofia Garin - September 2017 - Chocofan
WindAid Institute Latinamerican Testimonials - March 2017 - Playa Blanca
Chenyang Hou - December 2016 - Playa Blanca
Elise Pearson - July 2016 - Playa Blanca
Duke Engage Project - May : July 2016 - Playa Blanca
Nicholas Warren at Pecha Kucha COP20 Lima, Peru - December 2014
There's more than one way to Light Up a Life! - December 2014
Caitlin Bonney - October 2014 - Pacasmayo

Bryan O'Kane - September 2014 - Playa Blanca 3.0

Leah Kunkel - July 2014 - Playa Blanca 1.0
Hardi Njo - December 2013 - North Coast Peru