Peru Electrification Programs

Rural Population in Peru

What is the problem?

Around 37% of Peru's rural populations lack access to energy. Many of these communities are located in remote areas, making it incredibly difficult and costly to connect them to the traditional electricity grid. Over 5,000,000 people in these areas do not have power.

What is the solution?

Electrify entire rural communities with wind energy. This will allow us to achieve the following:

• Provide equal access to electricity to entire families and communities
• Develop long term relationship between volunteers, donors, NGOs and communities
• Demonstrate viability of renewable energy in Peru and Latin America
• Establish clear and measurable impact


Together with volunteers and the community we have launched a plan to provide renewable energy via wind turbines to communities.

Playa Blanca

We are excited to announce the launch of the Playa Blanca Electrification program in northern Peru!

Community Overview

• Main Source of Income: Fishing
• Population size: 300 People
• Current Energy Sources: Candles and small diesel generators
• Schools: Primary School
• Local Clinic: 0 clinics


Playa Blanca is located nearly 560 miles (900 km) north of Lima.


The majority of rural communities in Peru do not have access to grid electricity. The small size and remote location of these communities makes it too costly for traditional energy solutions.

Project Status : Playa Blanca Community Wind Workshop underway! A fully outfitted test center for electrification, education, and engineering! Click here to find out more. 23 Families with fully operational working WindAid 1.7 Generators and 57 solar panels (provided by the municipality).

Pasto Ruri - Guinness World Record!

We are excited to announce the highest altitude wind turbine in the world!

Community Overview

• Pasto Ruri is located within the Catac community
• Main Source of Income: Tourism
• Population size: 20
• Current Energy Sources: Candles and propane


Pasto Ruri is located nearly 220 miles (350 km) north of Lima.


Pasto Ruri is one of the fastest receding glaciers in the world, 22% since the 1980s. There is a small community that lives there to cater to the tourists that come to see this disappearing marvel.

Project Status : A medical outpost, and 12 family-run micro-enterprises with a fully operational working WindAid 4.0 Generator.

Escuela Democratica

The wind turbine provides electricity for the school in the mountain community of Paranshique, Huamachuco. The building provides an example to the community of environmental conservation and awareness. Escuela Democratica opened in 2011 and has been allowing children in the community access to a school and education which many children currently do not have.

Community Overview

• Main Source of Income: Agriculture
• Population size: 200+ People
• Current Energy Sources: Candles and Kerosene
• Schools: Democratic School
• Local Clinic: 1 clinic


Escuela Democratica is located nearly 370 miles (600 km) northeast of Lima.


The town received grid electricity but the school decided to stay with the renewable source of electricity. This shows their energy independence and how they are providing renewable energy awareness to the children as well as their community.

Project Status: WindAid 4.0 has been fully operational for 6.5 years!