Project Groups

Project Groups - Four Weeks & Two Weeks

We are always looking for enthusiastic and energetic people to join us at WindAid Institute to help us build wind turbines. Everyone has the capacity to have a direct impact in the world. WindAid Institute volunteers transform the lives of families in rural communities by providing them with access to renewable energy. However, this is merely the end result. We believe in the multiplier effect of the actual journey: From the moment you step foot in Trujillo, to building a wind turbine, to being immersed in Peruvian culture with others, to sharing your experiences with others around you. Not only do volunteers develop memorable experiences, they develop incredibly strong bonds between themselves, the communities and Peru. This is what the volunteer experience and our four and two week programs are about: Impacting, Learning and Building.


• You will be providing rural communities in Peru with access to sustainable electricity
• Access to electricity has immediate health, education and security benefits


• You will learn how to build a wind turbine
• You will engage in specific projects to improve the design and efficiency of the wind turbine
• You will develop relationships with rural community members and understand many of the challenges they face

Community Building

• Develop strong relationships with your fellow volunteers
• Travel across Peru with your fellow volunteers

If you are interested in undertaking a hands-on experience and wish to volunteer building wind turbines with rural communities please complete the volunteer application form.

A normal working day is from 9am to 5pm (variable), Monday to Friday. A typical schedule for the WindAid Institute 4 week program is outlined below. The 2 week program differs primarily in that the construction phase is more streamlined, with some parts pre-fabricated to allow participants with less time to still integrate into the work, create and see their impact. The only other major difference is a reduced opportunity to practice/learn Spanish.

Day Activity
Day 1 Orientation and introduction to the WindAid Institute. Check out the workshop and Trujillo plaza.
Days 2-3 Begin workshop training, health and safety training, cultural awareness, Spanish Language lesson available for those that want to learn Spanish.
Days 4- 21 You will be building a wind turbine. Weekends are free and depending on the location, volunteers will have the opportunity to visit the recipient community of their wind turbine or even other installations. There are optional organized tours of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Chan Chan, Colonial Trujillo and Huacas del Sol y de la Luna.
Day 19 Pack the wind turbine, equipment and materials for the installation.
Days 22-26 Relocate to recipient community for assembly and installation of the wind turbine. Presentation of wind turbine to the community.
Day 27 Farewells and depart Trujillo.

If you like the sound of WindAid Institute and wish to join us please click on the Volunteer button below and complete the volunteer application form.

More about volunteering

If you would like to know more about previous volunteer experiences, you can check out our Youtube Channel