Peruvian Flooding

Historic Flooding in Peru

Exceptionally heavy rains powered by El Niño conditions have inundated much of the population of Peru with 10 times more rainfall than usual. Rivers are overflowing causing mudslides, destroying homes and infrastructrure while isolating hundreds of people. Over 70 people have died because of the flooding, and thousands more have been displaced. With water temperatures far above normal along Peru’s coastline, we expect to see more flooding through April. This unexpected emergency has upended the lives of hundreds of thousands of Peruvians, many whom already live in the most basic of conditions.

Here at WindAid Institute, we are happy to report that staff and volunteers are safe and working with our neighbors in our home base of Trujillo to dig out their homes and protect their neighborhoods. However, accessibility of food and water is a deepening concern as transport is limited and sporadic, and price gouging has begun. Limited staff and some longer term volunteers are continuing our research projects, protecting the volunteer house and shop from encroaching waters, and helping our neighbors.

Lasting Impact

Once it is safe to do so, WindAid Institute will travel to our partner communities to inspect and maintain their turbines, many of which we expect to need extensive repair. As part of our contract with recipient communities, the community is responsible for the cost of repairs, but given the current situation, their resources are needed for emergency relief efforts.

It is our goal to get these turbines back up and running as soon as possible so that these isolated Peruvian communities have the electricity they need for connectivity, and to continue clean up & recovery efforts after dark.

But to do that, we need your help. Please consider an emergency gift to WindAid Institute:

Direct Donation thru PayPal

If you do not have an account, PayPal also makes it easy to donate with any major credit card or bank account.

  • Your gift of $35 will provide emergency food and water for a volunteer for one week.
  • Your gift of $50 will fund the transportation costs associated with inspecting and maintaining the turbines.
  • Your gift of $100 will help defray the cost of turbine repairs so that we can get them up and running as soon as possible.

Emergency Relief

The following is a short list of organizations WindAid have worked with and/or found who are working on immediate and direct relief to the most impacted communities. We have personally contacted each, and donations to these organizations in this time will be dedicated to relief efforts, run with focus on safety and impact to those most in need. WindAid Institute believes based on local knowledge that all of the following organizations are are intelligently addressing the immediate needs of those most affected.

SKIP - Water & Food Delivery in Trujillo

If you would like to contribute directly to the immediate delivery of food and water in Trujillo, please consider a donation to SKIP (Supporting Kids in Peru), a United Kingdom NGO that has been working in Trujillo for over ten years. They are currently on the ground working to get food and water to those most affected. Here’s a page with some more information, and non-UK donors can donate here.

HOP - Medical Care Packages in Trujillo

HOP (Hands On Peru) is a USA based NGO with a "commitment to improving access to medical care for disempowered and marginalized populations in Trujillo, Peru and its surrounding areas." They are currently are running educational workshops to prevent diseases while getting immediate water and food supplies out to the communities in which they work in the area. There has been limited access to medical supplies because access roads have been flooded out. HOP however is working diligently on getting what they can out, and getting more supplies and need the support to do so. Please go to their GoFundMe page to find out more and get much needed medical attention to flooded communities in Trujillo.
Any amount you can give will make a difference in the lives of our Peruvian neighbors during this historic emergency. Thank you!