Dates & Costs

Programs for 2019

Due to the continued success of the WindAid Institute programs over the past years, for 2019 WindAid Institute will be running 10 four-week volunteer programs, and for the first time ever 2 two-week group.. If you are thinking about volunteering submit your application! Get you applications in early and start planning your trip to Peru.

Application are now being accepted for the project dates below:

*NEW 4 March – 15 March US$1495
*NEW 18 March – 29 March US$1495
18 March – 12 April US$2850
22 April – 17 May US$2850
27 May – 21 June US$2850
1 July – 26 July US$2850
5 August – 30 August US$2850
9 September – 4 October US$2850
14 October – 8 November US$2850
18 November – 13 December US$2850


+Collection upon arrival in Trujillo

+All food throughout the duration of the project (3 meals per day, 5 days per week)

+All accommodation throughout the duration of the project (Including a day or two before and after the program)

+All transport during project activities

+Constant supply of potable drinking water

+24-hour support from volunteer coordinator

+Advice for visa applications, flights, insurance, kit, cultural awareness, language etc

+Full supervision and guidance by a trained engineer during the manufacture and installation of the wind turbine

+All tools and equipment required for the wind turbine construction and installation

+All materials and components required for the manufacture of a wind turbine


-Flights and transport to Trujillo

-Travel Insurance

-Visas (if required)

-Personal Vaccinations / Medications

-Food, accommodation and travel should you choose to leave the project base (e.g. during weekends)

-Guided tours of UNESCO World Heritage Sites Chan Chan, Colonial Trujillo and Huaca del Sol y Huaca de la Luna.

-Personal spending money (e.g. souvenirs or personal travel)


The WindAid Institute program was set up to help provide electricity to those without through the use of wind turbines. As such we aim to set as low a price as possible in an effort to make this opportunity available to more people and increase the number of wind turbines that together we can provide to those communities most in need.We are not funded by grants or benefactors and so it is the contribution from our volunteers that enables us to buy the materials required to build the wind turbines. Subsequently we can provide wind turbines to communities in Peru who cannot afford to financially contribute.The remainder of the fee covers your time with WindAid Institute. This accounts for accommodation, food, support staff, operational expenses, and transport during the project phases.