Antoni Chrobot: New Jersey-USA, Renewable Energy at Penn College of Technology

“WindAid is basically an oasis in the Peruvian deserts. In an area of the world so barren, dry, and lifeless, WindAid does it’s job of bringing abundance to the planet. Abundance in the form of clean energy, friendly people, and opportunity for all the communities it impacts. I must say that my experience with WindAid has shown me what a difference can be made with a handful of volunteers, a month of hard work, and a will to help people. I wish to carry on this idealogy that WindAid has exposed me to as I study Renewable Energy at Penn College of Technology.”

Alex Steene: Bath, England, Environmental Management (BA)(Hons) at The University of Leeds

“For me the whole project was amazing; from being welcomed into the WindAid house and having amazing local food to eat, to learning how to actually build the wind turbine in the workshop and installing it in communities that need them. Because of WindAid I have gone onto do similar projects as I travel around the world. It is an amazing way to meet and help educate local people on renewable technologies, whilst also constructing a renewable energy source that can help their community for decades to come. The other volunteers that I met on this project have gone onto become good friends of mine, that I hope to see again someday in the future.”

Stephanie Lohberg: Florida-USA, Renewable Energy Development Program at GE Power & Water

“My experience at WindAid was unforgettable. They were so welcoming and created a true cultural immersion experience. And the best part is to share in the passion and purpose of WindAid. To know that you are part of something more than just the day to day routine. To see the people you are sharing technology with learning and appreciating your work, to see the rural culture and understand the challenges they face without electricity, and to build a bond with others who are passionate about creating a sustainable world. Implementing renewable technology in a developing country is essential for our future and I am proud to say I was part of the effort. WindAid was one of the best experiences of my life and will forever leave a mark on me. Thank you to the whole WindAid team!” – Mechanical Engineering at Cornell University