Spencer Truesdell: Texas-USA, Wind Turbine Service Technician Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

“Before arriving to Trujillo, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting myself into but by the time I left, I was positive that volunteering with WindAid was the best decision I’ve ever made. Michael and the team made it so easy to relax and blend with the local environment. My favorite part of the program was exploring the exotic places of Peru with other volunteers from around the globe. I’ll never forget the vibrant nights in Lima, the interesting days in Trujillo and the cheerful kids in every village. When we went to install the wind turbine, the enjoyment that we felt from interacting with the locals is beyond words. Also the learning experience offered through WindAid is really dynamic, from sharing ideas to making a visible impact, it’s like the ultimate classroom. Thank you guys so much for making this amazing experience possible !” – Wind Energy at Texas Tech University

Genny Pang: Engineer at Munich-Germany

“I learned so much during my participation in WindAid’s programs, including how to build a wind turbine, methods for getting support to advance social entrepreneurship programs, and about the lives of Peruvian families living in both rural and urban areas. I always tell people the aspects I liked the most about my time in Peru are the people I met and the warm and welcoming Peruvian culture that I had the privilege to experience.”

Lorena Rojas: Florida-USA, University of Florida

“Working in WindAid helped me gain vast knowledge about coils, circuits, electricity, and the entire process that goes behind physically constructing a wind turbine. I learned about the importance of work ethic in this program and overall greatly improved my abilities to work in a team setting.”