Anthony Vaquero-Stainer: London – PhD in Physics at Imperial College London

“WindAid was a truly once in a lifetime experience, which is hard to describe in a short paragraph! Building the turbine is a lot of fun (and hard work!) but once installed, seeing the impact it has on the lives of a community so much less fortunate than ourselves is one of the single most rewarding experiences of my life. Working alongside the locals and seeing how the people make do with so little and live lives so removed from anything we’re used to is a very humbling and eye opening experience. Learning about the amazing culture and people of Peru was fascinating with the opportunity to travel to some really amazing places! The team of workers and volunteers from all over the world are so friendly and fun to be and they’re passion and voracious determination for the cause is really inspirational and made the trip such an unforgettable experience!”

Billy Thurston: London – Water Engineer at Mott MacDonald

“WindAid really was one of the best experiences of my life. As well as teaching me so much about wind energy, and about the socioeconomic and energy situations in the fascinating country that is Peru, it also showed me that amazing things can be done with some determination and persistence if you put your mind to it. Using only relatively simple tools and materials, we were able to create sophisticated pieces of technology that really do change peoples’ lives hugely for the better. The phrase ‘light up a life’ really shows its meaning when you experience first-hand what it is like to live in these communities – with little light once the sun goes down – and so how much of a difference these turbines make. I’m very keen to work in international development in the future, and I feel that my experience at WindAid has really helped me along that path, as well as hugely improving my Spanish language ability too. I leave WindAid with new knowledge and understanding, many new friends, and a new understanding of what really is possible to achieve, along with a good team, when you put your mind to it! Thanks so much to everyone at WindAid – I wholeheartedly recommend the programme to everyone.” – Civil Engineering at Bristol University

Alexander Orchard: Spain-Materials Engineering at Imperial College London

“Words fail to express my gratitude and admiration towards WindAid and the mission it believes in. I really didn’t know what to expect when I showed up in an airport in the desert of Trujillo, my first time in South America and alone to boot! Soon enough though I found myself immersed in the WindAid family of volunteers and workers alike, forging international friendships and living through unique new experiences. It’s not just the fact that you are creating a source of free renewable energy for impoverished communities. It’s not just the philanthropic joy of volunteering nor the technical engineering experience of the workshop. It’s one of the most crucial months in your young life during which you will learn a lot more than you’d expect. What are you waiting for? Sign up!”