WindAid Impact

Our Turbines in Peru

The aim of WindAid is simple - Light Up A Life by bringing electricity to those without.

How we light up a life can be achieved several ways, be it with the basic provision of light, powering computers for schools, providing electricity for water pumps to give running water to homes or for small businesses to operate and increase local employment. Check the map below where several of our wind turbines are installed!

A volunteer will leave WindAid having made a lasting impact.

The projects we undertake with our volunteers continue for a long time after the wind turbine is installed and handed over to the recipient community.

A wind turbine given to a school or community center can power lights and computers to benefit the education of children and adults. Alternatively it could be used to power a number of homes, allowing people to work safely at night or children to continue their homework.

We are educating the public about the power of green technology, and the immediate and long-term benefits of clean and renewable energy. We are also developing future leaders in their local communities to be aware of alternative energy sources, and the economic benefits they provide. We are encouraging micro-enterprises to be high on the list of installations, helping to provide work and jobs in remote communities. It is our belief that creating sustainable jobs in new green industries will give people the power to feed and educate their children.

The recipient community is involved in the WindAid Institute project right from the start, as we believe that this is the best way to encourage participation and ensure ownership of the wind turbines long after the volunteers have left.

To see who WindAid Institute has helped so far and the impact that has had please check out the map below and the pictures too.