Team Members

A bit more about some of our team members.

Nick Warren
WindAid Institute Co-Founder & Executive Director
[email protected]

Nick was born and raised in Virginia, USA and started as a volunteer at WindAid in May 2012. The social entrepreneurship aspect, and working with the communities intrigued him so much that he decided never to leave. He is inspired by creating ideas, improving designs, teaching people about turbines, and most of all, learning from others.

Abel.Michael SmallTurbine

Abel Yupaqui Davila
WindAid Co-Founder & WindAid Institute Head of Supplies
[email protected]

Born and raised in Trujillo, Peru, Sr. Abel co-founded WindAid in 2006 with Michael. Curiosity about the functionality of wind turbines drew him to the job.

Getting things done well and experimenting on new processes is what he likes to do the most.


Gean Bohuytron Reyes
WindAid Institute Head Technician
[email protected]

Gean grew up in Trujillo, Peru, and has worked with WindAid for over eight years. He enjoys the variety of tasks that inspire him each day. His favorite aspect of the work at WindAid is blade creation, form and dynamics. Gean especially loves meeting new volunteers and exchanging ideas with them.

Board Members


Jessica Rivas
WindAid Institute Co-Founder & Project Development Engineer
[email protected]

Jessica is from Texas, USA. As a child she dreamed of helping communities in Latin America through engineering. She did renewable energy programs in Latin America, and on volunteering with WindAid in June 2012, realized that building turbines was no longer just a hobby. What she envisioned as a child was becoming a reality. Jessica enjoys learning with people from different cultures and creating useful things for communities.


Kevin Michael VerKamp
WindAid & WindAid Institute Co-Founder
[email protected]

Originally from Indiana, USA, Michael moved to Trujillo, Peru in 2005 as a director for an NGO. Seeing the need for electricity and Peru’s abundant wind resources he co-founded WindAid in 2006 with Sr. Abel.

He has been an integral part of WindAid Institute and continues to be an inspiration and wealth of knowledge and ideas for us..

Beth Brown
WindAid Institute Communications and Fundraising Officer
[email protected]

Beth came from the UK to spend 6 months in Peru working on communications and fundraising in early 2016, and continues to help out from a distance.

Ross Picken

Ross Picken
WindAid Institute Co-Founder & Head Production Engineer
[email protected]

Hailing from the Isle of Arran, Scotland, Ross started as a volunteer in June 2012. WindAid captured his attention with its combination of research & development, construction, installation and maintenance, all in a tight-nit hands-on environment. Here he quickly discovered that building something new, reforming ideas and learning would never be the same again. Ross loves how the Institute’s projects encourage all participants to share their values and opinions.


Rishi Khan
WindAid Institute Head of Electronics R&D and Webmaster
[email protected]

Rishi is from the small Caribbean island state of Trinidad & Tobago. He was a volunteer in 2012 and returned to the working world in Canada with an opened mind on engineering. He returned in 2016 to assist in the research and development side of Windaid and explore the ideas that he wanted to bring to life while serving the community. Developing new electronics, upgrading current ones and being able to tinker and experiment are just some of the factors that makes him love being at WindAid as an engineer. His goal is to engage students to learn through doing and gain knowledge through problem solving.

Previous Team & Board Members


Christine Armstrong
WindAid Institute Co-Founder & Former Chair of the Board
[email protected]

Chris is from Alaska, USA. She was a volunteer in 2011 and as a Professor now brings students to the WindAid program. Chris supports educational initiatives, and helps develop relationships with educational institutions. Chris was key in organizing group projects, including our largest and most recurring relationship with international educational institutions.


Tracey Johnson
Former WindAid Institute Board Treasurer
[email protected]

Tracey brought over 25 years of experience in grassroots nonprofit development and fundraising.
Tracey joined WindAid in 2014 after working to fund a collaborative project between the National University of Trujillo in Peru and Northampton Community College in Pennsylvania where she is the Grants Director. Seeing the impact of the experience on the students and herself, she was hooked. She worked to develop a scholarship fund that supports a diverse group of volunteers.


Yordy Mirko Yglesias Deza
Former WindAid Institute Workshop Engineer
[email protected]

From Trujillo, Peru, Yordy started at WindAid in 2015. He wanted to learn about renewable energy and turbine design. He most enjoyed designing and constructing the systems to give electrical energy to rural communities. While working with WindAid he studied electrical mechanical engineering at Cesar Vallejo University, graduating in March 2016. Congratulations Yordy!