Aaron Calhoun: Pennsylvania-USA, Northampton Community College

“My time working with WindAid has proven to be one of the best experiences of my life. I was initially drawn by the idea of being able to promote green energy, travel internationally, and help people who needed it the most. WindAid delivers that in spades. In just a few weeks I had fallen in love with the whole process of living, working , and growing with a great group of people. It is very fulfilling and motivating being able to work on a team who are even more devoted to a great cause than you are. In the workshop everyone was working towards the same goal and focused on the project, which helped create a great sense of comradery. Nick, Ross, and Jessica are great leaders and teachers, making sure we stayed on schedule while allowing room for fun in the process. During our free time, we explored the city and got to experience a lot of Peru while building friendships I know many of us will point to as highlights of the experience. By the time the final part of the session came around, we were a close group. When the session was over and we left, I parted ways with everyone knowing not only had we made a real difference in the lives of others, but I had learned more about the world and cultures around me as well.”

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